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All-in-one app

Designed for both Landlords & Tenants

Centralise renting

Integrated payments, maintenance, communication, and more

Simple, transparent pricing

Free for Tenants, Flat fee for Landlords

All-in-one app

Centralise renting

Transparent pricing

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Pay and receive rent in-app with zero fees

August manages all rent payments, so Landlords know exactly how much has been paid, or is still owed, by each Tenant.

Stay reminded, know exactly how much has been paid or is still owed by Tenants.

Safe & Secure

It’s never been so easy

Game-changing issue reporting

Reduction in average workload for Small Landlords

Everything in one place

The cloud

Throw out the paper and stay connected, it’s all in the cloud.

Always notified

Built for Small Landlords


What is August?

August is your all-in-one rental app, designed for both Landlords and Tenants. 

Our platform reduces the workload by connecting Landlords and their Tenants in a single app, combining rent payments, maintenance reports, document sharing, messaging, reminders and more for everyone, all in one place.  

Renting has never been so easy. 

August will be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2024. 

A flat, monthly subscription fee for Landlords. 

Free for Tenants. 

Join the Waitlist here to get early access as soon as the app is available. 

Once you’ve signed up to our Waitlist, you’ll also be able to share with friends and move up our leaderboard for the chance to win free Landlord access to August for life (18+, UK only, T&Cs apply). 

If you’re interested in testing the August app before its public release, join the Early Access Waitlist here and you may also be invited to join our beta test.  

Before being granted early beta access, we’ll just need to confirm that you’re a UK-based Landlord, and available for interviews to share your feedback and help shape the app before its public launch. 

Tenants can pay and Landlords can receive payments within August with zero fees or charges. 

Tenants securely process payments in-app, the Landlord is notified immediately and receives the funds into their bank account in under 24hrs, totally fee-free. 

Landlords can easily keep track of all rent payments in the app and even send reminders to individual Tenants when a property’s rent is due or delayed. Ditch the spreadsheets, August makes book keeping a breeze.  

August uses a secure payment technology called Open Banking. We work directly with the banks so that payments are authenticated within the user’s own banking app – keeping money safe for both Landlords and Tenants.  

Open Banking has been designed with security at its heart – here’s how:  

Bank-level security: Open Banking uses rigorously tested software and security systems (the Open Banking API security profile is based on Financial Grade API (FAPI) specifications).    

Extra protection: Your bank or building society will normally refund your money if unauthorised payments are made. You’re also protected by data protection laws, and can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. 

No, Landlords can securely link their bank account to August. We will automatically track and notify you of all rent payments – no matter how they’re paid. 

Once linked, August shows all rent payments that have come into the Landlord’s bank account and automatically assigns them to the right Tenant and property in the app. 

So, whether Tenants pay rent via August or not, you’re always kept in the loop. 

Landlords are automatically notified via the app when rent payments are made.  

They can also share in-app Notifications with Tenants about any important calendar moments, such as payment reminders, annual safety checks or visitation notices etc.